Better than the good and extraordinary!

We always think about Italian and Turkish Maras, when it comes to ice cream. Both of them deserves their name in this field. Both of them best liked and best appreciated. MMastica combines the Base of Maras with Italian taste and flavors. You have to taste MMastica ice cream to see the amazing result.


Born in a foreign country, now expanding with so many unique flavors. We proudly serve this great taste to the ones who is looking for the Best. We are very well aware that the Best Product is being produced with the High Quality Ingredients.

We Sticked To
Ice Cream!

Our ice cream passion attached all our other products to Ice Cream. We produce with passion and proudly serve: MMastica Milk Shake, MMastica Sahlep, MMastica Frappucino, Semolina Dessert With MMastica Ice Cream.

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MMastica Milk Shake

MMastica Sahlep

Semolina Dessert With MMastica Ice Cream

Frappucino With MMastica Ice Cream

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