About Us

High Service Standards
Educated Team

We care of our Staff to be educated and well trained and elite, because our staff is representing our company and products in front of our customers. High Hygiene standards and premium service quality is the pillars of the Quality Standards.

“ If you want to make everyone HAPPY,
don’t be a leader. Go and sell ice cream.”
Steve Jobs.

Starting with this motto, we searched the most tasty ice cream ever, to make Everyone Happy. Finally we came up the fusion of Italian and Turkish Maras Ice Cream. Both of them best liked and best appreciated. MMASTICA combines the Base of Maras with Italian taste and flavors. MMASTICA ICE CREAM with the AMAZING TASTE.
Blended with %100 Pasteurized Milk. Passion in many kind of ice cream flavors. Milk, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, banana, mango, mastica and many more…

Happiness And Success Spreads All Over When You Share

We share and devote our profit by %10 in the education, technology and healthcare. We see it as our prime responsibility as growing together with our neighborhood.

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